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ATK Hairy Chloe


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Model :
Site : ATK Natural & Hairy
Photographer :
Age : 28
Place Of Birth : Australia
Occupation : Artist Liason
Sexual Fantasy : tied up and fucked hard

9 years 2 months ago

I came back to look at you again. It is about ten years ago that I blew myfirst load on you. I was mesmerized by your boobs in that light-blue bra. But I shot my load looking at spreading your shaved pink pussy with these big labia. I came over and over on that first set of you.
You also posed for I Shot Myself, I blew many a load on these pictures. You and Rosanna really made my day, I spunked until I had no more cum left. When Paula ate your pussy, I came in my pants of excitement. I saw you running in the park, you exposed your self to me, seeing you labia under your white skirt I came big time, I thought it would never stop.
For girls out west, I saw you again in the park in red dress, showing your breasts and pussy to me, I wanked for you, My load I shot in the grass.
You re-appeared in I shot myself, ypoy looked so gorgeous, You gave a hard-on that lasted for a day.
I watched you doing Yoga, I wished I was there.
You played with Phoenix, she spread your labia so nicely, that I could not help it but to blow a huge load for your looking at your labia.
You took Gabrielle, I took you both, and shot two loads.
I stood behind you when you sat behind the piano, I watched your huge tits and came hard. I watched you an SueAnn on the beach, I licked you both and spunked violently.
Later on you played with a purple dildo, You could have called me, I would have been happy to oblige and fill all your holes with my juices.
Later I took Susie and you together.
When you masturbated outside on a chair, and you came so vigourously that you ruined the chair, I came together with you.
When you started to feel your self in the dark and came I was there an blow a load in honour of you.
I licked you both, Jilly and you. I blew my load when Jilly opened your juicy pussy with her fingers.
Together with Lailie I licked your clit until you came.
When you were with Fae I licked you from the behind.
In the dark your labia are so inviting, I was my wetness you felt.
I forced yoy to take marigold for me, so I could watch and cum.
Misha and You stayed at my place I watched you two play. I came big time for the two of you.
On the farm I blew load when Angie and you were pleasuring each other. For girls Out West I watched you in a scrapyard. I spunked in your honour. Lucinda and you were so nice together, It gave me so much joy.
I saw you on the railway bridge showing your boobs, I had to cum for you.
I watched you take Nichole, I saw it through the window.

And now you have cum to ATK, to make us cum again.

Chloe B we hope to see a lot of you.

10 years 2 months ago

Oh my gawd, this treasure is now on ATK Hairy. That is gonna be lots of fun. Het cooch is amazing.

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