Welcome sexy fit British coed Kacie James to ATK Galleria in this hot set by ClayPaws. Kacie teases in her panties with her short skirt. She strips and spreads her shaved pussy being a tease with her fit body and firm tits

ATK Amateur Kacie James


ATK Model Kacie James ATK Model Kacie James ATK Model Kacie James
ATK Amateur Kacie James ATK Kacie James Kacie James from ATK Galleria
ATK Amateur Kacie James Kacie James from ATK Galleria ATK Model Kacie James
ATK Kacie James ATK Kacie James ATK Coed Kacie James
ATK Model Kacie James ATK Kacie James ATK Coed Kacie James
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Model :
Site : ATK Galleria
Photographer :
Age : 22
Place Of Birth : Staines
Occupation : model
Sexual Fantasy : n/a

1 Comment on "Sexy coed Kacie James"

2 years 9 months ago

Kacie, you got a slight skin problem, I got the cure for it. It has worked on many girls already. It is called spunk, I got plenty of it in my balls. I wil provide you with plenty of cum to rub on your face. But before you have acces to that well you will have to be a good girl and let me take you with my 15 inch rod. First I will take you in that little pussy of yours. It looks quite tight, but do not worry I have taken much tighter pussies. After I stretched your twat a bit, i will use your girlie juice to moisten your poop. It looks even tighter than your pussy and 15 inches of fat white rock hard salami is quite a stretch for a little thing like you. I know you will throw up a fuzz. You look like a little thing but you got powerful legs. But I have tamed bigger bitches than you so in the end you will give in. I cab already hear you scream from pain and pleasure. Cursing, yelling and crying bitter tears when these 15 inches go up your poop. You call for your mommy. You call for your daddy. You cry for your boyfriend. But Kacie they won’t hear you. Now shut up and take it as a woman, you are not a teen any more. After a while you will overcome the pain in your poop and start to enjoy the aching and start milking my cock with your poop. And then you will com to the well and you will receive the full load on your face, and you will rub it with great delight.
The next day your poop wil hurt, but in the evening you will cum back to the well for that special ointment, over and over.

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