Hairy Kate Basic strips off her dress and panties. She reveals her lovely tits and ass. Then she spreads her bush wide open in this photo set from Roman K

Hairy Kate Basic


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ATK Kate Basic ATK Kate Basic Kate Basic Hairy Pussy
Kate Basic Hairy Pussy ATK Hairy Kate Basic Kate Basic Hairy Pussy
ATK Hairy Kate Basic Hairy Russian Kate Basic Hairy Russian Kate Basic
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Model :
Site : ATK Natural & Hairy
Photographer :
Age : 22
Place Of Birth : Moscow, Russia
Occupation : secretary
Sexual Fantasy : a 3 man orgy

3 Comments on "Hairy Kate Basic"

3 years 18 days ago

Kate, I really like your saggy titties. I really get form your gaping cunt. I got a fat white 15 inch boner Looking at your cunt it gets rock and rock hard. I don’t think that it wil be a problem for you to take my dick up your twat. I think you are wide enough to accommodate my cock. I discovered that you got a anus that looks quite tight. After I have take you in your twat, I thin you would like it if I took you anal. I would take the juices from your pussy to lubricate your anus and slow ease my dick in. I can hear you scream, wail, cry, curse and moan from agony and joy. At the and you beg and cry for every extra inch.Moving my boner in your anus hurts, but you get a deep pleasure from it. After a while your anus gets tighter and tighter and you climax and milk my cock till to last drop.

3 years 19 days ago

Nice saggy tits and large pussy gape.

4 years 13 days ago

Kate’s lovely but nearer 40 yrs than 22 imo. She has a wonderful pussy gape. I love her juicy pussylips.

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